Water Collection

Water Collection

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All cultivar greenhouses comes neat powder coated aluminium gutters and downpipes as standard. The downpipe has been designed to a standard size with a 40mm exterior. Consequently there are a range of proprietary push fit fittings widely available which can be used to facilitate water collection. Here we show how you might go about collecting water from both the gutters on the greenhouse into one waterbutt. This is particularly useful if your greenhouse is located some distance from your closest source of water. Aside from the obvoius environmental benefits of water conservation the large majority of plants respond better to rainwater than water from the tap. There is however one exception to this and that is that new seeds and seedlings are better watered using tap water. Established plants are better positioned to resist infection from fungal plant diseases that might be present in waterbutts. Here’s a document showing you a few options for how you might go about collecting-rainwater on your new cultivar greenhouse.

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