Heating your Greenhouse

Heating your Greenhouse

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Your choice of heating is dependant upon a number of factors :

  • The nature/species of plants you wish to protect
  • The area in which you live, the propensity to frost and the level of heat required
  • The availability of power within your greenhouse

Tropical and tender plants

These generally require higher heat levels, tomatoes for instance require a minimum of 10 degrees Celsius. Certain plants only require the temperature to be held above freezing level.

Where you live

In the North of Britain or in frost pockets heating, particularly at night, is desirable. If you require a temperature of 10 degrees to be maintained in our 8 x 10 foot greenhouse when the temperature outside is – 3.5 degrees Celsius some 2kw/h is required to hold a constant level.

Availability of power

There are a number of electrically powered fan heaters of varying power and facility. They may be floor or roof mounted, placed in a convenient location but not near water sources or where significant watering takes place. The fan facility has the added advantage of improving air circulation, of benefit to plants, during the summer months. There are lower wattage heaters such as tubular heaters that will provide sufficient heat to cut the affects of frost. Propane heaters are also affective, once again they are available in different outputs for different uses. Finally paraffin heaters are still available and although they may be temperamental they do offer heating without the necessity to introduce power into the greenhouse. The major suppliers of quality greenhouse heaters in the UK are and both suppliers have retailers and distributors that offer their products.