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Greenhouse Tools & Equipment

Written on: 29 April 2020 By Daniel Carruthers

Top 10 Greenhouse Tools & Equipment

A successful garden is best maintained through the use of quality, robust garden tools and gardening equipment. Selecting the right gardening tools and equipment is crucial and the materials, design, shape and size all contribute to how effective they’ll be.

Discover our top 10 gardening tools and garden equipment that we suggest all gardeners should have in their gardening tool kit!

1. Hand Trowel

A garden trowel is stated to be the main essential gardening tool for all gardeners. Used by all gardeners, the trowel is used for planting, transplanting and potting. Designed to be handheld, the handle is usually made from rubber, plastic or metal. The shovel-like blade is made from stainless steel as overtime, tools in the garden especially hand trowels can begin to decay and damage.

2. Spade

Every serious gardener should have a spade, if not, your gardening kit isn’t complete. With its long handle and narrow flat head design, digging tasks as well as edging beds, lawns, transplanting, and many more gardening activities will most definitely be a hard task without one. Again, comfort, size and material will all depend on you and your style of gardening.

3. Fork

Finding a multi-purpose gardening tool can seem like a gardeners dream. Owning a Fork can be a dream come true, with its power to aerate lawns, break compacted soil, create holes for seeds and mix in soil treatment, are just to name a few of the tasks a fork can handle. Through it’s sharp and strong fork-like figure, penetrating difficult terrain has never been so easy to do.

4. Secateurs

Secateurs, also known as pruning shears, or clippers, are used by all gardeners to enable shaping, trimming and removing of dead growth from plantations. Thick branches can also be cut and trimmed depending on the quality of the secateurs blades, remember that the grip is just as important as the head of the tool!

5. Hoe

Preparing beds for planting and weeding can in some cases be a very difficult garden task. However, with a garden hoe, cultivating your soil and edging your garden grass can be done with ease. This essential garden tool can come in several styles, Draw or Dutch. All varieties of hoe slice the top of your weeds, if used in a sweeping motion.

6. Gardening Gloves

No matter what garden tool you own, no tool is as important as your hands. Using a pair of gardening gloves prevents thorns, splinters and dirt from being in contact with your skin. Comfort and protection are the main factors when buying a good pair of gardening gloves.

7. Rake

Stones, rocks and clogs are a gardener’s nightmare when planning to plant. A rake will remove these as well as levelling and smoothing out the surface of your soil. This garden essential is another multi-purpose tool as it is also used to collect leaves, weeds or any other debris. As well as the hoe, multiple varieties of this tool can be found on the market for certain terrains and surfaces.

8. Shovel

A shovel seems to be the most common tool used, not only is this garden essential for digging but can be used for nearly anything garden related. As well as digging, removing and loosening of garden materials such as compost, fertiliser, soil, etc, can be a job for a spade.

9. Wheelbarrow

Any serious gardener will know the struggle of moving heavy and awkward materials around when out in the garden. To make this task easier, a wheelbarrow will allow you to load all materials and waste into its basket like a metal tray base, and wheel/transport it with ease to your designated area using its wheels.

10. Saw

Whether you’re cutting a few branches/twigs off your shrubs or off a tree, a saw is the garden tool to use. Using its sharp rigid blade, a saw will see you through near enough any cutting tasks in the garden. Remember to choose a saw that suits your style as many different varieties of a saw are out there on the market.

And there we have it, our top 10 garden tools to get you started on your green-fingered journey. Click here to view our beautiful range of greenhouses for sale at Cultivar.

Written on: 29 April 2020 By Daniel Carruthers

Written by
Daniel Carruthers

Daniel is a keen gardener and cook. A graduate of the prodigious Ballymaloe Cookery School Daniel has his own organic garden near Chester and is a director here at Cultivar.

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