What Are Greenhouse Partitions?

Greenhouse Partitions

Greenhouse partitions enable you to create two different environments within the same greenhouse so that you can tailor conditions to the needs of your plants or even create an area in which to relax.

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What Are Greenhouse Partitions?

Greenhouse partitions enable you to create two separate growing environments for your plants within the same structure.

If you have room for a large greenhouse then you might consider segregating part of the structure off for growing a different range of plants which have different requirements. For instance, some plants require additional TLC in the winter months. If you have such plants, then you may want to provide heat over the winter for this particular section of plants.

Not only is this practical in terms of providing the optimum conditions for all of your crops, but it also helps to save on energy bills as you will only need to heat a particular area of the greenhouse as opposed to a large greenhouse space.

The video below explores some of the reasons why our customers use partitions. Some suggested alternative uses for greenhouse partitions include using them to create an area for sitting and relaxing as well as creating an area in which to grow a range of exotic plants:

Whenever you buy a large modern greenhouse which is at least four panels long from Cultivar, you will be able to benefit from a greenhouse partition irrespective of the width. However, do bear in mind that partitions work best in wider structures.

Our greenhouse partitions come with a door width of 2’ 10’’ (860mm) which is wide enough for most wheelbarrows and wheel chairs. We can hinge the door either side so that it opens toward or away from you depending upon your preference.

Be sure to specify a greenhouse partition as a requirement when placing your order with us. We will then factor this into your bespoke greenhouse design and present a detailed drawing prior to manufacturing to make sure that your specifications have been satisfied.

In most instances there’s a break in our greenhouse at two (5’4″) or three panels (7’9″) so the partitioned area might be this size for example.

Each greenhouse partition is glazed to the ground in 4mm toughened safety glass and can be locked.

greenhouse partition

Example of glazed partition on eight foot wide glass to ground greenhouse

greenhouse partition

Example of glazed partition on a 10ft wide planthouse model.

Partitions are available with both our wooden and aluminium greenhouse range.