Ridge ventilation

Air circulation starts low down in our greenhouse but hot exhausted air can escape through the handsome full length ridge vents, located on both sides of the greenhouse for optimum air flow. Plants love air movement, you will be rewarded if you offer plenty of fresh air. To this end our vents are automated with heat sensitive cylinders and strong spring mechanisms. 6mm toughened clear glass panels allow maximum light and the openers allow maximum ventilation.

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The Complete Aluminium Greenhouse

Contrast the Grey White (RAL9002) polyester powder coated heavy duty aluminium portal frames with the quartz grey (RAL7039) glazing system and you have a modern greenhouse made with traditional skills. Powder coated aluminium is noted for its longevity and resistance to abrasion, just give it an annual face wash and it will remain as good as new. Aluminium is fully recyclable but you don’t need to worry about that since this greenhouse is built to last a lifetime.

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Aluminium Greenhouses

Aluminium replaced wrought iron framework over 70 years ago and these systems designed by our forefathers have served well. All our aluminium greenhouses use modern glazing systems together with toughened safety glass to produce a more secure, neater and up to date framework.

  • Slim sections, mitred corners creating rigid framework
  • Toughened safety glass captured by gaskets, secure and strong capping
  • Heavy duty large capacity aluminium gutters and downspouts
  • Modern design technology, 21st Century system

Our frames are precisely mitred at the corners, securely fixed, perfectly square and accurate. Within the frames nitrile gaskets cushion the glass and hold it in place, these are fixed within the capping system which unlike older systems requires no screws to hold it in place. The fixings throughout the structure are almost entirely hidden away producing clean stylish lines, a system designed for the 21st century.

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