Ridge ventilation

Air circulation starts low down in our greenhouse but hot exhausted air can escape through the handsome full length ridge vents, located on both sides of the greenhouse for optimum air flow. Plants love air movement, you will be rewarded if you offer plenty of fresh air. To this end our vents are automated with heat sensitive cylinders and strong spring mechanisms. 6mm toughened clear glass panels allow maximum light and the openers allow maximum ventilation.

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Accoya Framework

We are proud to manufacture with Accoya. It is an acetylated wood that has been thoroughly tested for dimensional stability and durability, guaranteed for 50 years untreated and even given a 70 year service life by TRADA. Accoya is so strong that it is used in the construction of bridges and even to line canals. Accoya is produced from fast growing renewable, well managed sources and as such has a low, even negative carbon footprint. Organically treated Accoya carries a prized FSC certification.

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Wooden Greenhouses

Our modern take on traditional wooden greenhouses has been influenced by changes to the types of wood and their availability. For instance, greenhouses made of softwoods such as pine and cedar have limited life span, say 10 - 25 years and replacement may be necessary in time.

Hardwoods, such as teak or mahogany, although long-lasting have been exploited in the rainforests and are now rare so definitely ecologically unfriendly. So we have selected Accoya for our framework and boarding. This beautiful timber is from fast-growing sustainable certified wood species. It is treated with a naturally occurring non-toxic product that produces enhanced durability (50 years or more), improves hardness and unbeatable dimensional stability, perfect for traditional craft woodworking.

  • Sustainable, fast growing, certified FSC species
  • Naturally treated for a long life
  • Hard, strong and true – that’s Accoya.

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