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Rated Excellent on TrustPilot
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Plunge Staging

Plunge Staging

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Plunge Staging

Plunge staging, often referred to as “benching,” is a vital component for greenhouse gardening enthusiasts, especially those who nurture alpine plants. These specialized structures play a pivotal role in creating the perfect environment for these plants, ensuring their roots stay cool and moist, which mimics the natural conditions they thrive in. Plunge staging becomes particularly beneficial when used within a greenhouse, where the glass roof acts as a shield against rain, a factor that alpine plants typically dislike.

In the controlled environment of a greenhouse, plunge staging takes center stage by allowing growers to replicate the specific microclimate that alpine plants require. Alpine plants have evolved to flourish in high-altitude, mountainous regions with cool, moist soil, and plunge staging helps recreate these conditions.

The construction of plunge staging, or benching, is carefully designed to cater to the unique needs of alpine plant cultivation. These staging structures are typically crafted from powder-coated aluminum, a material renowned for its durability, resistance to corrosion, and ability to seamlessly match the aesthetic of greenhouse construction. The powder coating not only enhances the appearance but also provides an added layer of protection against the elements, ensuring longevity.

One of the standout features of plunge staging is the inclusion of a low-level aluminum shelf. This shelf serves as a practical storage area for pots, gardening tools, and other essential equipment, ensuring everything is conveniently within reach during gardening tasks.

What sets Cultivar’s plunge staging apart is its commitment to customization. Each plunge staging unit can be made to measure, allowing growers to tailor the staging to their specific cultivar greenhouse dimensions and plant needs. Additionally, the depth of the plunge can be specified to accommodate the specific root requirements of different alpine plant species, ensuring optimal growing conditions.

At Cultivar, we understand the unique needs of growers, especially those passionate about alpine plants. Our plunge staging solutions are not only meticulously designed and constructed for functionality and aesthetics but are also backed by a commitment to providing horticulturists with the tools they need to create thriving alpine gardens within the shelter of their cultivar greenhouse. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or a novice, Cultivar’s plunge staging offers the precision and flexibility required to nurture and showcase your precious alpine treasures.

Here you can see dimensions for this plunge staging and how it was made to fit the structure at the end of this small greenhouse.

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