Greenhouse Thingimijigs & Fixings

Greenhouse Thingimijigs

Fixing into a Cultivar Greenhouse

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Greenhouse Thingimijigs & Fixings

Read on to learn how a Cultivar Greenhouse is purposefully designed to make adding greenhouse fixings a breeze.

We leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of building the best greenhouses in the UK; with decades worth of experience going into the design and manufacturing process so that we can cover for all eventualities.

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Adding Greenhouse Fixings

Adding greenhouse fixing can be a very trying process, particularly when you have an aluminium frame.

That is why all Cultivar Greenhouses are designed with a grove in wall and roof glazing frames. In the trade this is known as a screw port and is designed with the gardener in mind, enabling you to fix, tie and hang plants or tools securely in position without drilling.

Take a look at our video below which shows just how easy this process is when using just two proprietary fixings which can easily be purchased online from well known retails such as Amazon and Ebay:

Just for your information, the parts featured in the video were purchased through Ebay using the following search terms:

What Type of Greenhouse Fixings Can I Use?

As noted earlier, you will easily be able to source the correct greenhouse fixings from Ebay or Amazon. However, there are a number of things that you need to bear in mind when purchasing:

Unique Greenhouse Ideas

Some of our customers have taken advantage of this feature of our greenhouses with non-conventional ideas adopted.

This includes using a simply screw with twine around the head to hold up tomatoes as well as using P-Clips screwed into the groves to route wiring for lights and other electrical equipment.

Why not head over to our Greenhouse ideas page for more useful hints and tips?