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Greenhouse Thingimijigs

Greenhouse thingimijigs

Fixing into a Cultivar Greenhouse

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Greenhouse Thingimijigs

All our roof and wall glazing frames have a groove, seen as a shadow line, known in the trade as a screw port. This has been designed with the grower in mind so you can fix, tie and hang plants or tools securely in position. No drilling required.
Our video shows just how easy this is using two proprietary fixings which can be bought online from the likes of amazon or ebay. A little creative thinking may suggest other solutions and uses. For instance, a simple screw with twine around the head would hold up your tomatoes or your electrician may use P-clips screwed into the groove to route your wiring.
The most important piece of information is however here. The screws should be stainless steel, self tapping, 4.2mm (no.8) gauge. The depth of the groove is 8mm, it cannot be tightened beyond this. A variety of screws may be required to suit your plans.

The parts featured in the video were purchased through ebay using the descriptions below :
• Nylon Lacing Mushroom secured with
• DIN7981 Pozi Panhead Self Tapping Screws – 4.2mm by 19mm
• 5mm Marine Stainless Steel Oblong Boat Pads secured with
• Pozi Panhead Flanged Self Tapping Screws – 4.2mm by 10mm

greenhouse fixings

Here’s a stainless steel oblong boat pad being secured with 10mm pozi panhead self tapping screw