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Rated Excellent on TrustPilot
Order your Greenhouse today with just a 30% deposit
We offer a 10 Year Structural Guarantee
Greenhouse Grow Lights

Greenhouse Grow Lights

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The Winter months often prove a challenge for gardeners as it becomes increasingly difficult to make sure that your crops and plants receive the amount of natural sunlight that they require in order to prosper.

However, there is a quickly and easy solution to his which will help to negate the shorter days and all too often miserable British weather. The solution is greenhouse grow lights which will help to compensate for the lack of natural sun light available prior to the sunnier months returning once more.

Without this substitution, you can expect your crops to grow tall and weak. This is otherwise known as ‘leggy’, as they grow tall in search of any natural light that they can find in order to photosynthesise.


greenhouse grow light

GN Telos 0006 Greenhouse Grow Light

The greenhouse grow light shown in the image above is the Telos 0006 which is manufactured in the UK by GN. This high quality grow light is renowned for helping to grow taller plant life in a greenhouse environment.

The model showcased puts out 180W and provides a PPF output of 336μmol/s. It is modular in design and available in a range of sizes depending upon your requirements. This is a greenhouse accessory that we recommend to all of our customers so as to ensure healthy crops all year round.

These are not rudimental artificial light sources, with GN having taken a number of different factors into account with their high-tech designs. For instance, the light intensity distribution of these greenhouse grow light has been specially calibrated in order to provide optimal light levels for your plants and crops as well as reducing ‘hot spots’ which are common in less sophisticated grow lights.

However, GN has gone much further than simply concentrating on providing light. Their fantastic greenhouse grow lights have also been designed to withstand the harsh environments that greenhouses can often produce. This has resulted in grow lights which have corrosion protected metal finishes and internal systems which are built and tested to an IP66 water and dust protection level.

Ensuring a long lifespan has been a focus for GN when designing their greenhouse grow lights, with their models also utilising advanced LED technology which also provides passive convection cooling. By reducing temperature build up, this significantly helps to enhance the lifespan of the greenhouse grow light.
Whilst we do not offer telos grow lights directly you should find a range available online on stores like amazon here.

Our Greenhouses

Cultivar Greenhouses are designed so that it is simple to fix grow lights into the optimum position. This is made possible by utilising the screw ports which are integral to our aluminium frames.

We can provide you with an aluminium bar as well as the relevant fixings in order to secure your grow lights. Just ask a member of our team about this when you are specifying any requirements that you have in mind for your brand new bespoke Greenhouse.

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