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Rated Excellent on TrustPilot
Order your Greenhouse today with just a 30% deposit
We offer a 10 Year Structural Guarantee
Greenhouse Cold Frames

Aluminium Cold Frame Greenhouses

All of our greenhouses come with the option of adding high quality aluminium cold frames which help to provide additional space and also harden off tender seedlings. You can opt for cold frame greenhouses when you utilise our online glasshouse builder tool…

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Greenhouse Cold Frames

Any experienced gardener will tell you that Cold frames are a valuable addition to any greenhouse as they not only provide additional space but also help to harden off tender seedlings on their journey from greenhouse to garden.

Not only do the cold frames provide extra growing space, but they also are designed to give delicate plants a better chance of survival in extreme weather conditions. The main reason for them being called cold frames is that they are traditionally placed on the cold side of the greenhouse. When you buy a cold frame greenhouse from Cultivar, you will also find that we have designed our cold frames with high quality hinged lids so that they can remain open in the warmth of the day and closed at night to offer another level of protection for tender plants until they harden off and are ready for planting in your garden.

Cultivar’s Cold Frame Greenhouse Specifications

All Cultivar Greenhouses come with the option of adding integrated cold frames which can be placed on either side of your greenhouse depending on the optimum position for protecting your tender plants.

Our cold frames are built from the same high quality materials as the greenhouses to which they are attached, with a high strength powder coated aluminium frame, long lasting Accoya wood surface and toughened safety glass. As you can see, we use only the best materials in the construction of our cold frame greenhouses to ensure that we deliver our customers a product which will stand the test of time and endure any harsh weather conditions.

The side of the greenhouse to which the cold frame is attached should have low level boarding to all the cold frames to be secured to the structure. Did you know that we can even design your greenhouse to have cold frames on the side and front glazed? Just remember to ask us at the time of requesting your quote.

All of our cold frames are designed with high quality hinges and a neat aluminium stay to provide additional greenhouse ventilation. Alternatively, the lids can be folded back to rest against the greenhouse. The cold frames are designed to have one lid per greenhouse panel, so a four panel long greenhouse as pictured (which is almost 10 ft 5) would have four cold frame lids. Each lid being approximately 750mm wide (approx 2 ft 6).

Ordinarily the side on which the coldframes are to be positioned would have the low level ventilation removed and replaced with manual vents at eaves level (as pictured).

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