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Greenhouse with cold frames

Greenhouse with cold frames

A cold frame is a valuable addition to any greenhouse, providing space for hardening off tender seedlings in their journey from the greenhouse to the garden. They’re usually positioned on the cold side of the greenhouse, hence the name – cold frame.

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Greenhouse with cold frames

The complete gardener will opt for a side of cold frames with their greenhouse. This offers the facility to harden off plants in the transition between the greenhouse and the garden.  As tender seedlings start to mature cold frames can prove invaluable. Not only do they afford extra growing space but the primary purpose of a cold frame is to give plants the best chance of survival before being planted out in the garden. Initially the cold frame lids can be lifted in the warmth of the day and closed at night to offer a level of protection to tender plants.  As temperatures rise the lids can be left open and eventually the plants will be hardened off to a point that they are ready for planting into the garden.
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The Specification

All cultivar greenhouses are available with integral cold frames which can be placed on either side of the structure down the length. The cold frames have a hinged lid which, like the greenhouse, is glazed in toughened safety glass. The sides and the front of the cold frame are boarded in attractive Accoya wood which is held securely within our powder coated aluminium framework. The greenhouse side to which the cold frame is attached should have low level boarding to allow the cold frames to be secured to the greenhouse.  Should you desire, it is possible to have the cold frame sides and front glazed, just ask. The lid can be held open with a neat aluminium stay which is provided to give ventilation to the cold frames. Optionally the lids can be folded back to rest against the greenhouse. The cold frames are designed to have one lid per greenhouse panel, so a four panel long greenhouse as pictured (which is almost 10 ft 5) would have four cold frame lids. Each lid being approximately 750mm wide (approx 2 ft 6).

Ordinarily the side on which the coldframes are to be positioned would have the low level ventilation  removed and replaced with manual vents at eaves level (as pictured).

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