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The Glasshouse

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The Glasshouse

2nd December 2019

Every garden should have a greenhouse

Even the smallest greenhouse can have a big impact on your gardening endeavours and with the luxury of space then a large greenhouse gives you options.

In just the first season of use in this greenhouse it’s clear what can be grown from seed. Lines of healthy peppers, tomatoes and summer crops aplenty. That’s not to mention the swathes of flowers that have already been transplanted out in the garden. Early in the season the cold frames can be used to harden off tender seedlings as a half way house between the glasshouse and the garden. Later in the season the greenhouse is still hard at work, this time as a fused glass workshop. Spacious, light and airy makes for happy people as well as happy plants.

victorian greenhouse

side view of greenhouse with central bench

It’s interesting to hear how the greenhouse is already having a transformative effect on the garden as a whole. With the greenhouse as a focal point the surrounding area has become a wonderful kitchen garden complete with a water feature to add a sense of calm. Amongst the raised beds, full of home grown crops, there’s splashes of colour from pots of echinacea, which are not just a feast for the eyes but a destination for wildlife too. victorian greenhouse

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