The Greenhouse Garden Essentials

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The Greenhouse Garden Essentials

13th August 2018

Perhaps the first sensible purchase for the garden is the greenhouse. This will instantly provides shelter and increase the amount of time you can spend out in the garden.

Of course it will also give you the means to propagate seeds, nurture tender seedlings and grow plenty of new plants to fill the beds in your new garden. If you have plenty of space then the addition of a cold frame or two can be invaluable. Cold frames are at their most useful in the Spring when hardening off tender seedlings prior to transplanting out in the garden.

When adding a cold frame to the side of a greenhouse we replace the low level vents with vents at eaves level to ensure the ventilation of the structure is not compromised.

Of course the greenhouse does not just come in useful for growing plants for the garden. In summer, if you choose, you can grow all manner of crops. Foremost tomatoes but as your experience and enthusiasm grow there’s peppers, aubergines, chillies, cucumbers and melons to name but a few.

To go one step further you might want to heat your greenhouse to create an environment for year round use growing something a little more exotic.

One thing for sure is that having a greenhouse opens up a whole new range of options for the budding gardener and like most things in life you get better with a little practice.

About this Greenhouse

Model: Accoya Planthouse

Dimensions: 3218mm x 3927mm

Accessories: Staging, shelving, coldframes, vents to plain end

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