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Rated Excellent on TrustPilot
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Garden Inspiration

19th October 2023

Observing someone else’s garden is a captivating journey, akin to reading a novel with the land as its pages. It’s a delightful puzzle to unravel, attempting to decipher the gardener’s intent. Every plant, stone, and pathway is there for a reason, sometimes practical, sometimes not. The choice of colours and textures, the play of light and shadow, all come together like a well-composed symphony. It’s a visual feast, where one can savor the artistry and craftsmanship, and imagine the countless hours of toil and love that have gone into sculpting this living masterpiece. In the garden of another, we find inspiration, a shared appreciation for the dance of nature and human creativity, and a chance to learn and get ideas for your own gardening endeavours.

Designing a small garden area around an Accoya greenhouse from cultivar is an exciting project. It’s an opportunity to blend modern living with the joys of growing your own produce, all while embracing nature and wildlife. So let’s explore the elements and principles of creating such a harmonious and functional garden space.

1. What better place to start than with your Cultivar Greenhouse as the Focal Point. Start by placing the greenhouse at the heart of your garden. The Accoya model has a natural wood finish which exudes warmth and elegance. Position it to receive ample sunlight throughout the day, ensuring your plants thrive. Available in the modern range with large, energy-efficient glazing panels that allow you to connect with your garden from the inside.

2. Flanking the greenhouse with coldframes is a brilliant choice. These structures extend the growing season, providing a cozy environment for early seedlings and late-season crops. The design complements the greenhouse’s aesthetics with attractive and functional accoya boarding.

3. Raised beds provide excellent drainage but also make gardening more accessible. Constructing them around the greenhouse makes for easy access. You can make them at whatever height you choose so that they’re at a comfortable height for planting, tending, and harvesting.

4. Gravel adds texture and further defines your garden’s layout. The gentle crunch underfoot adds a sensory dimension to the space. Consider laying gravel around the greenhouse and coldframes, leading to various garden areas. Its permeable nature also aids in rainwater drainage.
5. To draw in wildlife, including birds, frogs, and beneficial insects, position a small pond nearby. Its tranquil presence will enhance the garden’s ambiance while supporting biodiversity. This in turn will increase the presence of pollinators ensuring your get a bumper crop from the greenhouse and surrounding beds.

6. When planning your garden consider installing electric which could be used to light the paths as well as in the greenhouse for heating say. Lighting for Ambiance: This will extend the garden’s usability into the evening as well as creating an enchanting atmosphere. Solar-powered options are eco-friendly and cost-effective.

7. Modern living also means embracing technology to simplify gardening tasks. All cultivar greenhouses come with automatic greenhouse vents which open in the warmth of the day irrespective of whether you have power going to the greenhouse. This can be particularly useful if you’re growing delicate plants to help regulate temperature and humidity.

Designing a garden is about more than just growing plants; it’s about creating a sanctuary that blends seamlessly with your home. Designing a modern space with the right elements, from the natural beauty of Accoya wood to the allure of a nearby pond and the convenience of smart technology, your garden can be a haven of productivity and serenity. Embrace sustainable practices, invite wildlife, and savor the joy of nurturing and eating your own freshly grown food.

Staging folded down to give more height for the plants to grow.

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