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Rated Excellent on TrustPilot
Order your Greenhouse today with just a 30% deposit
We offer a 10 Year Structural Guarantee

A Greenhouse for Modern Living

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A Greenhouse for Modern Living

11th June 2021

Having made that initial investment you are not only setting yourself up for life with a place to spend time away from the elements (or other people) but you’re also providing an engine room for your garden. A place to sow seeds which, lets face it, are somewhat cheaper than buying fully grown plants, particularly if you need thousands of them. And on that note just look at the staging on this greenhouse, full to bursting with pot upon pot of tender young seedlings. And it’s not just seedlings, cuttings taking root in the welcoming environment afforded by a greenhouse.

Greenhouse in the garden

Top of greenhouse

A well placed hose with a gentle rose fixing makes light work of the watering, not just within but around the greenhouse. New garden beds outside the structure are ready waiting to take the new plants, just wait until the last of the frosts have passed in Spring. Higher up in the greenhouse on the shelving there’s strawberries being brought on too for the new garden beds. There’s increased capacity with this greenhouse having coldframes either side of the porch. These prove invaluable for hardening off plants in the journey from the greenhouse to the garden. And with a greenhouse this size, there’s room of course for a chair. Having electricity in the greenhouse (you’re best advised to use sockets suitable for outdoor use) allows not only practical use for things like heaters or propagators but also more recreational use for things like the radio. Avid gardeners won’t need reminding that Gardeners Question Time is 3pm on Friday, or for those at work then there’s the repeat on Sunday. The keener eyed will also spot a kettle and mug, what more do you need in life ?

About this greenhouse
We offer a range of greenhouses with a porch access and this one is part of our modern range. Made from a combination of powder coated aluminium (in quartz grey) together with Accoya wood to offer a sleek and clean look. The main body of the structure is 3218mm (10’8”) by 6972 (18’). The porch increases the width to 4050mm (13’3”). The structure is kitted out with staging and shelving to both sides and a side of roof shading. Either side of the porch cold frames have been added. The structure comes as standard with full length automated roof ventilation operated on wax fill cylinders.

customer inside the greenhouse

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