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Rated Excellent on TrustPilot
Order your Greenhouse today with just a 30% deposit
We offer a 10 Year Structural Guarantee

A Greenhouse for all seasons

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A Greenhouse for all seasons

29th April 2021

Plants grow along with your enthusiasm so if budget and space allows the general advice is to go for as big as you can. In this instance the customer has replaced an old small greenhouse with our popular 8’ by 10’5” modern planthouse. The addition of a cold frame to the plain end adding both more storage space and functionality. Cold frames are ideal half way houses between the greenhouse and the garden, the perfect place to harden off tender seedlings before being finally planted out in the garden.

Greenhouse for all seasons

The lids on a cultivar cold frame can be held fully back by means of a stainless steel cabin hook or held open a few inches to allow just enough ventilation for you plants in Spring. And emptying the greenhouse of tender seedlings makes room to bring on some of the popular summer cropping vegetables like tomatoes. With a cultivar greenhouse this is the time to clear the staging and shelving, and to fold it down to take advantage of the full growing height. And at this stage it’s sensible to utilize the practical groove which is designed into every cultivar greenhouse that will take a standard no.8 self tapping screw.

This can be used to secure string, wires and supports for your plants as they continue to grow throughout the season. These are easily added to or moved as your needs change throughout the growing calendar. For some the staging may stay down throughout autumn and winter too to make room for storage of less hardy plants in pots, a greenhouse for all seasons.

Cold frame greenhouse

So if you’re planning to buy a greenhouse look first at the practical advantages afforded by a cultivar greenhouse : superior ventilation, cleverly designed folding staging and shelving, our unique groove that allows you to fix to the greenhouse without the need for specialist clips or drilling. And with a choice of materials, sizes and styles available we’ve no doubt you will find the right greenhouse for you and your garden.

Plain greenhouse

To get in touch with Cultivar about your own greenhouse call 01978 810 718 or Drop us a message.

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