When it came to choosing a long lasting timber for use in the construction of a cultivar greenhouse there was only one choice, Accoya. This is a Class 1 Durability Timber and it doesn’t get any better than that. This timber is guaranteed to perform and is dimensionally stable whatever the weather conditions.

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Very friendly and professional and the finished product is amazing!


Key features


Class 1 Durability

Virtually rot proof Accoya has a 70 year service life as stated by TRADA.


Excellent machinability

Accoya machines to a superb finish so we can match the high standard of our precision engineered aluminium.



The Accoya wood manufacturing process adds nothing to the wood that does not already naturally occur.


Strong and Stable

The acetylation process hardens the wood making it particularly well suited for greenhouse construction where the strength to weight ratio is important.



All Accoya wood comes from well managed sustainable sources including FSC and PEFC. Extreme Weather Conditions


Accoya has been tested and proven to defy the elements.

Even after prolonged immersion in water Accoya remains both straight and true.

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Green credentials

  • Sustainably sourced from FSC, and PEFC Forests, it is a naturally renewable resource with green credentials.
  • Accoya is 100% non-toxic and easily recycled.
  • There is no need to apply chemical preservatives to Accoya.

Dimensional Stability

The more dimensionally stable a wood the less susceptible it is to warp or twist. Accoya matches and in most instances exceeds the stability and performance of some of the very best tropical hardwoods making it well suited for use outdoors. As a consequence, it is very popular for use outdoors where high performance is required. Less shrinkage and swelling will ultimately lead to a trouble-free service life for your greenhouse.

Natural beauty of Accoya

At Cultivar we love wood, it brings warmth and character to our greenhouses. Accoya is naturally beautiful and offers something to our greenhouses that you will not find in others.

Naturally insulating

Accoya is 30% more thermally efficient than typical hardwoods. In a greenhouse environment thermal efficiency matters. A thermally efficient structure will be cooler on hot days and warmer on cool days, providing a more comfortable working environment for you and better growing conditions for your plants.

Outstanding performance

Accoya is a wood for the future. The outstanding performance benefits of Accoya are best realised in exterior applications such as our greenhouses.

Consistent quality

Each batch of Accoya is subject to stringent tests to ensure quality from surface to core:

  • Tested to determine decay resistance.
  • Tested for dimensional stability.

We are thrilled with our new Cultivar greenhouse. Your two fitters were first class guys.

Bill and Jane


Durability Class Definition Life expectancy Timber
1 Very durable Over 25 years Accoya, Teak
2 Durable 15 - 25 years Oak, Red Cedar
3 Moderately durable 10 - 15 years Larch
4 Low durable 5 years Pine, Spruce

The longevity of wood is measured on a scale of durability. Accoya has the highest rating for durability, a Durability Class 1, which puts it ahead of species such as European Oak, Western Red Cedar and Iroko. An example of another wood with a durability of Class 1 is Teak.

Unlike ordinary woods every batch of Accoya is tested prior to being dispatched to ensure a consistent quality is achieved. This, perhaps, is one of the reasons Accoya are able to guarantee their wood for fifty years when being used outdoors. Not that it applies to our greenhouses but Accoya also guarantee their wood for 25 years when put in the ground.

To retain the newness we choose to brush the Accoya with a light translucent coating to ensure it reaches you in good condition. A further demonstration that we go the extra mile to ensure our greenhouses stand head and shoulders above the rest. Performance aside Accoya is sustainably sourced and FSC certified, so it has green credentials too.

Accoya and its features

When your greenhouse is delivered you will note the generally light blond nature of this treated timber. You will also see it is remarkable clear of imperfections such as knots.

However like all natural products it will have surface markings and signs of resin reaching the surface. Some of the timbers may display a darker face which is normal and should not cause concern.

What happens next

Your greenhouse timber will over time have achieved an attractive grey patina. There is however a process during which greying may be patchy, this depends not only on the natural facility of the treatment but also on the location and the conditions in which the greenhouse sits, this may be particularly true in shady areas, on the north face or adjacent to hedges.

All timbers exposed to exterior conditions and also untreated with paints or stains can be degraded by a combination of ultra violet light and naturally forming algae, mildew and pollution and Accoya is no exception. However the preservation process to which Accoya is subjected will ensure that despite these occurrences the integrity and the longevity is unaffected.

As time goes by

The gradual greying will in time merge into a more even finish. You can remove or restrict some of the uneven patchiness by simply washing down the timber with a soft brush or cloth and warm soapy (washing up liquid) water.

There is also a surface treatment that we can recommend which if you choose can be applied. This is a blend of natural oils including : sunflower oil, soya oil, thistle and linseed oil and this is called Osmo UV Protection Oil in the 420 Clear Satin finish. This will slow down the aging process.


The greenhouse is wonderful. Thank you for the good service.

C. Dowen

Greenhouse is wonderful ! Martin and Simon were great and it fits like a glove.

D French

Just to let you know that the greenhouse is wonderful, and everyone who sees it, admires it.

Julie and Phil

I can’t tell you how much we are enjoying the greenhouse, we are out there every evening.

C Farley

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Just four simple steps will take you through the process of designing the perfect greenhouse for your garden. Click to get a quote today, and we’ll send you an instant quote for your specification to your inbox.

The team

Gordon Carruthers
Executive Chairman

After many years fostering two of Britain’s largest greenhouse companies, gratefully still thriving, I have joined together with my son and long time brilliant technical associate to form a design led creative team.

Tim Parry
Technical Director

For the last 15 years I’ve been designing and making the most desirable greenhouses. But with Cultivar an awful lot of knowledge and skill has gone into the design. We’ve achieved a greenhouse with exceptional ventilation, evenly distributed with no hot or cold spots.

Daniel Carruthers
Director of Sales

I’m the part of the team that understands the needs and desires of gardeners and more importantly plants. Tim makes sure that every component is carefully manufactured whilst my father makes sure the business machine is well oiled.