Greenhouse Delivery

Greenhouse deliveries

We can usually make and install your greenhouse within 12-16 weeks of order but if you’d like us to hold onto a little longer then this is no problem, we have large manufacturing facilities and storage.

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Greenhouse Delivery

Order confirmation

Following receipt of your order we will confirm it to you promptly and send you a statement showing your specification, deposit and balance. It will take us approximately 12 to 16 weeks to deliver one of our greenhouses, for those of you in a hurry we will always attempt to improve upon this. Accessories are usually delivered more quickly in 7-14 days.

Site Preparation

We will also send you a greenhouse base plan allowing you to prepare for the delivery. It is not only important to build your base to the correct size but also to ensure that it’s flat and level. We propose several alternatives for your foundation here. You may choose to lay a concrete strip foundation, a firm well bedded paving base or a concrete slab. If you are building a dwarf wall we will advise on the foundation and wall detail.


If we are fitting the greenhouse we would normally deliver and fit on the same day. Some of the items being delivered are large and heavy, if you are unsure that your access is suitable please call us. Otherwise the ground conditions for our staff should be clear and safe.

We are sure that you will be delighted once we have handed over your new greenhouse to you.